Trapeze Phuket


Flying Trapeze Phuket & Crystal Springs New Jersey Adventure!



$45 US Dollars pp

$1,500THB pp

1hr - 1.5hrs

Set up on the beach and in the shade with amazing panoramic ocean views, we begin with a quick warm up. Flyers are taught positions on the ground, then given the chance to perform the trick in the air with safety lines! Every Flyer is given the chances to make “The Catch” at the end of the session!

Flyers are taught at their own age and ability. There are no special skills required,

Only the Ability to Go Beyond Self Imposed Limits and to Have Fun!

 There isn't anything you cant do...There are only things you haven't done yet!


You might want to know...

12:30 PM  (If we don’t have Circus Ninja Warrior)

3:00 PM

4:00 PM

5:00 PM

Please Call or Email in Advance for Reservations

+66 0937.616.777