Phuket Circus Ninja Warrior


Designed around the TV show, “American Ninja Warrior” You will run, crawl, jump, fly, swing, hang, climb, bounce, and juggle your way through our safe, fun, unique circus activity stations that rotate & change daily.

3 Trampoline Stations, 3 Trapeze stations, 2 Aerial Stations, Spanish Web, Aerial hoop, Vaulting, Slack Line, Tight wire,  Super Stilts, Peg Stilts, Stunt Bike, Juggling and More!

Night Flying Programs available on request!

  "Tears to No Fears"...Freaky but Fun!

Anything is Possible...Make it Happen!

You will be Amazed!


Phuket Circus Ninja Warrior

Circus Ninja Warrior

$45.00 US Dollars

$1,500THB pp

1hr - 1.5hrs


12:30 or 2:00 PM RSVP

Only in Phuket

Please Call or Email in Advance for Reservations

+66 0937.616.777